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Reidsville jewelry store robbed after hospital bomb threat

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. --- Reidsville Police say a bomb threat and a jewelry store burglary in Reidsville early Sunday morning are related.

Chief Charlie Dennis said Monday the burglars likely made the bomb threat to distract Reidsville's police force and give them more time to steal from the jewelry store and get away.

A bomb threat came in for Annie Penn Hospital at 2:13 AM. At 2:34 AM a burglary alarm rang out at Eden Jewelry on Freeway Drive.

AUDIO: Listen to the bomb threat 911 call.

Chief Dennis said the suspects also dropped hundreds of nails across the northbound lanes of Freeway Drive as they escaped.

"It would be highly coincidental if those things were not done by the perpetrators," Chief Dennis said.

The crooks made off with five to seven thousand dollars in jewelry, according to the manager of Eden Jewelry.


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