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Fate of Sandy Hook school divides Newtown

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A makeshift memorial lies along the main road to leading to Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. (Mike M. Ahlers/CNN || Taken the week of 12/17/2012)

NEWTOWN, Conn. — The fate of Sandy Hook Elementary School has divided Newtown, the Associated Press is reporting.

Newtown residents are divided on what to do with the school building where 26 people were killed, with some favoring demolition and construction of a memorial and others encouraging renovations, according to the AP.

Many people gave their opinions during an emotional public meeting on Sunday.

“I have two children who had everything taken from them,” Audrey Bart told the AP, whose children attend the school but weren’t injured in the shooting. “The Sandy Hook Elementary School is their school. It is not the world’s school. It is not Newtown’s school. We cannot pretend it never happened, but I am not prepared to ask my children to run and hide. You can’t take away their school.”

However, Sandy Hook parent Stephanie Carson told the AP she can’t imagine ever sending her son back to the building.

“I know there are children who were there who want to go back,” Carson said. “But the reality is, I’ve been to the new school where the kids are now, and we have to be so careful just walking through the halls. They are still so scared.”

The meeting at Newtown High School drew about 200 people. A second meeting is set for Friday. Town officials also are planning private meetings with the victims’ families to get their input.


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