Car insurance fraud up in High Point and statewide

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HIGH POINT, NC --- Car insurance fraud is becoming more and more common, according to a High Point police officer tasked with trying to identify and stop it.

Officer Tad Kramp spends almost half his time on insurance fraud cases. He said in the early 2000s, insurance fraud arrests were few and far between. Since 2010, the HPPD has charged 33 people with the crime.

According to Officer Kramp, insurance fraud includes but is not limited to two drivers who stage an accident with each other, drivers who fake injuries at legitimate accidents to get pain medicine prescriptions, and drivers who team up to get uninvolved drivers to cause accidents.

Officer Kramp attributed the rise in arrests to better education of officers leading to better enforcement.

Fred Sadtler with the National Insurance Crime Bureau is hoping for more resources to combat fraud and harsher penalties for those who get caught.

"There's more money and less risk in insurance fraud than robbing a bank," Sadtler said.

Sadtler estimates that ten cents of every dollar paid in insurance premiums is due to insurance fraud.

"Everyone who pays insurance premiums in North Carolina suffers from insurance fraud," Sadtler said.