Suspect shot in San Diego theater

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SAN DIEGO — Moviegoers at a San Diego theater ducked for cover as officers stormed in during a film screening and shot and critically wounded a gunman hiding in their midst, the Associated Press is reporting.

No one else was hurt in the shooting Saturday inside Reading Cinemas Carmel Mountain in northern San Diego, officer David Stafford told the AP.

The gunman, identified as 20-year-old Tom Billodeaux of Escondido, was taken to a hospital after being shot in the chest and arm.

Billodeaux became the target of an intense police search after witnesses reported seeing him get into an altercation with his girlfriend across the street from the theater.

Witnesses tried to intervene, but he threatened them with a gun and ran to the shopping plaza.

Police then searched the theater and evacuated moviegoers. When police found the suspect, he initially complied with officers’ demands but put his hands back in his lap and brandished a handgun. One of the officers then opened fire and the suspect was struck.

No one else was injured.

Credit: Associated Press

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