Greensboro City Council will vote on tree pruning recommendations

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GREENSBORO, N.C ---People living in the Westerwood, Sunset Hills, and Southside neighborhoods in Greensboro have what they feel is a glimmer of hope. Friday Duke Energy, and Greensboro City leaders met for the final time on what to do about tree-cutting and pruning throughout the city.

The group decided on these recommendations. First, Duke Energy would let the city know what areas they plan to cut  trees 30-60 days prior. Homeowners will be given the option to have the tree removed. If not it could be pruned.

Second, the city is discussing removing large tree stumps with regular trash. Lastly, city leaders are considering replanting trees near the areas they were cut down. However this time they would be replaced with trees that will grow underneath power lines.

These recommendations are a result of a public outcry over what Duke Energy did in December. Homeowners complained that the company cut down some these trees without their permission. Duke Energy says they were doing it due to regular routine maintenance. Plus they were following the guidelines of the North Carolina Utilities Commsission.

Duke Energy has since stopped all pruning or cutting until this issue can be resolved.

Carla Ashley who lives in the Westerwood Area hopes the city follows through with these ideas.

"I think we all got to keep an open mind on how we approach this and make everybody happy," Ashley said

The recommendations will be presented before city council on Tuesday.