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Meth busts up due to simple “one-pot” labs

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RALEIGH, NC --- The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation shut down 460 methamphetamine labs in 2012, according to Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Cooper said that number is an all-time high and an increase from 364 meth labs in 2011.

Cooper said the increase is due to the increasing prevalence of "one-pot" or "shake and bake" labs. Those labs accounted for 73% of the labs that the SBI shut down.

The one-pot labs are mobile and can be as simple as a two-liter soda bottle as long as the meth-maker has the right ingredients.

Every ingredient used to make the drug can be bought at a local hardware or drug store and the process takes about 2 hours from the beginning of the mixing process to the end of the chemical reaction that yields meth.

New state laws make it tougher to get the key ingredient, pseudoephedrine, and the new laws include policies on tracking people that try to buy too much.

Wilkes County led the way in the state with 59 confirmed "clandestine labs," as the SBI refers to them. Thats more than double the county with the second most meth busts.

Wayne County in the eastern part of the state had 27 meth busts in 2012.