Elon receiver Aaron Mellette preparing for the Senior Bowl

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ELON, N.C. -- Elon University’s Aaron Mellette is one of the best receivers to play in the Southern Conference.

He ranks second in catches with 304, yards with over 42 hundred and touchdowns with 44. He is also 6'4” weighing 220 pounds and can run a 4.5 40.

Aaron said he got the idea that his NFL dream was possible after nearly every NFL team sent a scout to meet with him. He said he knows he has to keep working hard to impress the right people.

One of the most important pre-draft events is the Senior Bowl at the end of January. Mellette is the first Elon player to ever be invited to this game.

Mellette said he was not happy with this past season as the Phoenix failed to reach the playoffs, but overall he is happy with his career.

Several pre-draft websites have Aaron projected as a 5th round pick. That of course could go up or down based on how he performs between now and the April draft.