Asheboro resident finds success as a cartoonist

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ASHEBORO, N.C. – A cartoonist is using his basement in Asheboro to reach out to a national audience.

Rich Powell made a living for years coming up with creative art for T-shirts, computer games and even Mad Magazine.

When that gig ended the New Jersey native found himself living in the Piedmont.

“I figure I wanted to keep my chops up so I started a local gag cartoon for the paper once a week,” Powell said.

Powell’s “Dixie Drive” has proven to be quite popular with the Asheboro Courier-Tribune.

The cartoon also gets national attention from He said he also does freelance work.

Powell said he often searches for fun ideas to turn into laughs. He said he comes up with most ideas from right here in the Piedmont.

“Human nature is human nature and people are funny,” he said.