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$1.2 million laptop reward to be paid by rapper, court orders

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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Grammy-nominated rapper Ryan Leslie has again been ordered by a court to pay a $1.2 million reward for the return of his stolen laptop.

The R&B singer initially offered a $20,000 reward in 2010 after a backpack that contained the laptop was taken from a car transporting him between performances in Germany, according to the Christian Post.

In addition to the laptop, which contained files from a recording session, the backpack held an external hard drive, jewelry and cash.

With no leads, Leslie eventually increased the reward to $1 million for the intellectual property stored on the computer’s hard drive, his attorney David DeStefano told ABC News.

DeStefano said, “They’re different from just an MP3.  MP3s are nothing for a producer or a studio engineer.  They can’t do anything with them.  They need the session files — these were his compositions.”

A month after the reward was increased, a German man named Armin Augstein came forward after saying he found the backpack in a garbage bag in a forest.  After bringing the laptop home, Augstein says he found Leslie’s passport, then learned about the reward after searching online.

However, Leslie tells The Inquisitr that the files were no good — and that he shouldn’t have to pay the reward because it was intended for the files.

“When I plugged in that hard drive to access everything that I had lost, the music just wasn’t there. I couldn’t access anything,” Leslie said.