New NC law for child care centers

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STATEWIDE ---North Carolina is now getting stricter staff regulation at child care centers and facilities.

Effective January 1st, all staff who have the chance of being alone with kids at the the center must complete a federal background check before their hiring date.

The North Carolina Division of Child Development representatives said the law was made to strengthen the current law in place for the safety of children.

In 1996 the law required all child care employees to perform a Criminal Record Check.

House Bill 737 (Strengthen Child Safety Laws/Care Facilities) requires every staff member, temporary worker and volunteer to complete a background check every three years.

Child Development State representatives said an “uncompensated provider” has been added to clarify requirements for volunteers counted in the staff/child ratio. 

This requirement would not include volunteers that are simply on hand to assist teachers with a holiday party or other special event would not be included in this requirement.

Each background check costs the staff member or volunteer $25 for fingerprints and takes four to five days to complete.