Celebrating New Year’s Eve safely

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SUMMERFIELD, NC --- A year after taking a stray celebratory bullet fragment to the head, a Summerfield woman is still upset that some people think it's fun to shoot their guns into the air on New Year's Eve.

Vicky Osborne was driving home from a party in the early hours of 2012 when a stray bullet broke her window and fractured her skull on highway 158 between Walkertown and Summerfield.

A nurse at Cone Health in High Point initially discovered it was a bullet fragment. The Guilford County Sheriff's Office investigated but never found a suspect.

"It was probably a mistake. But it could've been a lot worse than what it actually was," Osborne said.

Her mother, Donna Ransom, wishes someone could've been held accountable, if only to teach a lesson.

"We're not looking for a life sentence for the person who did this but it would be nice if they knew that action had a consequence," Ransom said.

Major Tom Sheppard with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office said although its legal to fire guns out in the unincorporated parts of the county, it's never been legal to hit someone or something with a stray bullet.

Sheppard said gun owners always need to know where those shots they fire are going.

"Once that bullet or pellets from a shotgun or whatever it is leaves that barrel, there's no getting them back," Sheppard said.