Body of missing woman found in Greensboro woods

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GREENSBORO, N.C. --- A heartbreaking end to a three day search for Rudene Franqui. 

On Monday afternoon, Franqui's body was found in a wooded area off of Cone Blvd. in Greensboro.

Franqui was 80-years-old and suffered from demenita. 

She was from Georgia and staying with family in Greensboro for the holidays. 

"We were hopeful she was still alive," says Pamela Council, Franqui's daughter.

On Saturday afternoon, Franqui wandered away from her son's home on Windhill Court, just a couple miles from where her body was found. 

Throughout the weekend, Franqui's family and search crews had been looking for her. 

"I had sense that when they said they found her that she was gone," says Council.

Franqui's family says Rudene suffered from dementia and Alzheimer's and now they're telling other families to be extra careful. 

"It is important that we keep an eye on people affected with Alzheimer's and demenita. You can't leave them, you can't expect them to understand what you are saying, you haveto be very vigilant at holding onto  them," says Council.

Onie Bodenheimer works at Woodland Place Assisted Living. 

She sees families struggle with the disease.

"It is a matter of minutes. It is like a child if you turn your head they are gone they can be down the road," says Bodenheimer.

Council believes her mom may have gotten homesick and was trying to get back to Georgia. 

"She struggled but she was always happy and grateful for everything that she had," says Council.

Franqui's family is grateful they aren't left wondering where she is. 

"She's with God now," says Council.

Authorities are still working to determine the time of death and the cause.