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Lost phone? There’s an app for that!

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PIEDMONT, N.C. --- Police want you to add an app to your cell that can help them and help you.

It's called Find My Phone and it's proven to work. 

So far this year Greensboro Police Department has 1,041 reports of lost or stolen cell phones. 

In just November the Find My Phone app helped solve two cases.

The app is free and easy to use. 

"Basically it's the same thing as getting GPS coordinates. It pings the devices and sees where it is and locates it," explains Wayne Miller, with Cellular Sales. 

He recommends all his customers download a tracking app like Find My Phone. 

If you have the app and you lose your phone or if its stolen you are able to get on a computer and track it down. 

You can have your phone make a noise or even see the coordinates of where you phone is located. 

In some cases you're able to get a picture of the spot where your phone is located.

"A lot of our patrol officers are handling cases all the time regarding lost or stolen cell phones,"  explains Lt. Katrina Thompson with the Winston-Salem Police Department. 

So far in Winston-Salem, police have 645 reports of missing or stolen cell phones.

Last year they had 562.

Lt. Katrina says they've had cases where a tracking app has lead them to criminals and the phone. 

"It can make our job easier it can also make the cell phone owner a much happier person.

In order for the app to work the app has to be turned on and your phone can't be dead.  

"It's like turning on a light switch if it's not on it's not going to be there to track," explains Miller. 

Rebecca Wolf learned this the hard way. 

She lost her phone in a New York cab earlier this year. 

"It's a lot of contacts, emails, photos especially, photos and music," explains Wolf. 

She had the Find My Phone app on her phone it just wasn't turned on. 

Now on her new phone she has the app and it's on. 

"Oh ya, I think everyone should have it," says Wolf.

Experts say even if you have the app, it is not a 100% guarantee that you will be able to find your phone in every situation. 

Make sure that you back up your contacts, e-mails, pictures, and music on another device.