Stokes Co. Schools ask for money for more student resource officers

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KING, N.C. -The Stokes County School Board wants to improve safety by adding student resource officers at every school in the county. 

The board voted unanimously Thursday morning to ask county officials for emergency funds to pay for the additional officers. 

School Board Chairman Mike Rogers, said the additional officers will provide security in the short term until the schools can be updated with electronic locks and limited access.

"In the meantime we owe it to the kids to give them a safe environment where they can learn instead of being in fear," Rogers said.

"We're just trying to do everything we can to make that it never happens it stokes county and if it does we're prepared for it."

Rogers said the county hopes to have officers in place as soon as January 3rd when school reconvenes from holiday break. 

The decision came in wake of last week's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Sheriff Mike Marshall estimated it would cost $350,000 to place SRO's at all 20 schools for the remainder of the year.  

The cost would double for an entire school year.  

Currently the sheriffs department provides an SRO at all three high schools in the county and one SRO that is shared by the county middle schools.  

The Stokes County Board of Commissioners is expected to make a decision on the emergency request when they meet next  Wednesday.