Setback for preforming arts center in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. ---The folks behind the proposed Greensboro Preforming Arts Center have some work to do.

City council member Nancy Vaughn says there's a financial burden that comes with building the center.

"I think we kind of had a breakthrough moment when we looked at the city's financials and said, you know, we were going to be tapping out the city's credit card, so to speak." she said.

Vaughn's fellow council member, Zack Matheny, has similar feelings.

"The proposal for the city to do $40 million, really isn't viable."

 Louise Brady, the chairperson of the task force trying to make the preforming arts center happen realizes this burden.

"Council started having a little push back and now we know what it is:  They really, truly don't think they can afford the $40 million number that they gave us, a year ago, to plan for.  But they're being prudent, I think it's smart."

It makes you wonder if our civic debate over this performing arts center doesn't fall into a familiar pattern. 

Remember when we were debating how we'd pay for the downtown baseball stadium and whether it was even worth it? 

Or how about the debate over the aquatics center? 

How many people thought this was an economic boondoggle? 

Does Greensboro have a culture of being a city that always says, 'No'?"

Vaughn thinks so.

"It may be a culture of the city, we're kind of a city of, 'No.'  I think our concern is we're not a city of no money."

"We get a bad rap, sometimes, on being a negative city.  We really do positive things.  I think the performing arts center would be positive, but we can't just do something we can't afford."

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