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Potential bill would mandate prescriptions for cold meds

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ARCHDALE, NC -- State lawmakers in Raleigh decided Wednesday to recommend the General Assembly consider a law that would require anyone seeking certain cold medications to have a prescription.

Rep. John Faircloth (High Point) co-chaired the Select Committee on Methamphetamine Abuse. He said its just a recommendation at this point.

Faircloth said he and his fellow legislators were disappointed with the results of a law implemented last year requiring those needing medicines containing pseudoephedrine to show ID and be entered into a national database.

Medicines including pseudoephedrine include Claritin D, Mucinex D, Allegra D, and Sudafed.

Pseudoephedrine can used to make meth.

"They were just buying the maximum amount and then paying people off the street ten or fifteen dollars to get more for them," Faircloth said from Raleigh by phone.

Four other recommendations will be passed on to the NCGA, including stricter penalties for repeat offenders and regulations regarding meth lab cleanup.

The law would mean medicine that is now available behind the counter and was once available over the counter to require a prescription and a doctor visit.

That struck Archdale Drug customer Debbie Pendry as "horrible."

"I'd have to pay a co-pay to go see the doctor. I'd have to make an appointment to go see the doctor. By then, the cold's probabl worse," Pendry said.

"It's is terrible the way the actions of a few influence the others. It costs us."