Growth in downtown Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- More restaurants, businesses and a new multi-story building coming to downtown Winston-Salem.

Developers are planning downtown's first new 5 story building in years at the corner of Fourth and Broad Streets.

The building will have rooftop, outdoor meeting space and dozens of offices.

Further down Fourth Street, the owners of Washington Perk Coffee in Washington Park have announced they are opening a second coffee shop, grocery store and market at the corner of Fourth and Cherry Street.

Aperture Cinema, which is also on Fourth Street is planning to expand and add a third screen. 

Lawren Desai, the owner of Aperture says, "we are kind of at the point where everything is happening and we have crossed over that threshold of is downtown going to work and be viable."

Desai and others say downtown space is no longer a plenty.

"It's kind of like now or never the space is available and downtown is kind of at this momentous point where a lot of things happening and if we don't' take advantage of it, it will pass us by."

That's in part why city leaders say the boundaries of the downtown core are expanding. 

Trade Street is growing too.

Peyton Smith is planning a pizza restaurant with a covered patio and late night window in the old Rescue Mission Thrift Shop on Trade Street.

"The risk has sort of been mitigated.  It's proven to be a viable area for living, eating, drinking, entertaining and there is lots of stuff," says Smith when asked why now was the time to open a new restaurant.

"It's a remarkable sort of renaissance and nothing short of that," says Smith about downtown.

The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership says in 2006 there were less than 15 businesses and 50 restaurants and bars in the center city. 

Today there are more than 75 businesses and 80 restaurants and bars.

The Downtown Winston-Salem Plan is being revitalized because growth has exceeded expectations.