Burlington Mayor gets decorations stolen

BURLINGTON, N.C. --- The Grinch hits again and proves no one is off limits when it comes to stealing Christmas decorations.

The mayor of Burlington is the latest victim.

“There's always someone out there to spoil the fun for everyone else,” says Ronnie Wall, Burlington's mayor.

On Saturday, Mayor Wall spent hours putting up three inflatable decorations in his front yard.

The decorations didn't even last a day.

“We had it up by 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon and Sunday by 9 o'clock we discovered they were gone,” explains Mayor Wall.

Crooks stole two of the three inflatables; a 12 foot Santa and an 8 foot snowman.

“Instead of stealing it just knock on the door and if you need that decoration for your yard I'll give it to you, but don't steal it from me, that's awful,” says Mayor Wall.

Mayor Wall says setting up the big decorations is part of tradition and a lot of kids in the neighborhood look forward to seeing them.

“I'm extremely disappointed. They've not only hurt our family but they've hurt a lot of kids in the neighborhood that like this kind of thing.”

Mayor Wall is out about $300.

He's planning to put up a new Santa and snowman by the weekend.

This round he's adding a new decoration.

“This time we are going to get a camera and kind of zero in on them and see if we can catch the culprit,” says Mayor Wall.


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