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Chihuahua to get ‘bionic paw’ thanks to NCSU research program

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A New Mexico Chihuahua born without a back foot is getting a bionic paw.

KOAT-TV reports that Peggy “Peg Leg” will be getting the small canine prosthetic thanks to a research program at North Carolina State University.

Researchers at the university are working to develop a mini-size prosthesis that will be similar in size to a human finger.

The plan is for the pup to ultimately be fitted with a full bionic paw, which will have electrodes connected to her nerves giving her full motion to run and scratch.

Mary Jewell of Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue in Albuquerque says she is anxious to see the Chihuahua on four paws instead of three.

The device is scheduled to arrive after Christmas and the school is covering the cost of Peggy’s surgery.

Credit: The Associated Press.


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