Dry weather increases fire danger

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HIGH POINT, N.C.--Dry weather has put the North Carolina Forest Service on alert, as wildfire chances continue to run high. 

The Forest Service is moving equipment into locations where firefighters can respond to brush fires quickly. 

Staff is on standby and the operations center is in radio contact with local fire departments. 

In November, the Forest Service based in Lexington battled 140 fires that burned 900 acres. 

District Forester Kevin Harvell said he hasn't seen a fire season this busy in nearly ten years. 

Meanwhile, Guil-Rand Fire Department Fire Inspector and Asheboro volunteer firefighter Steven Bar, says most brush fires can be prevented.  

"The best thing I can tell you is if you don't have to burn, don't burn.  It's very dry.  We are asking you not to."

In November, there were 660 wildfires that burned over 2,000 acres statewide.