Texas researcher claims to have DNA proving that Bigfoot is real

A researcher in Texas claims to have DNA tests that prove Bigfoot exists.

Dr. Melba Ketchum is a veterinarian and specializes in DNA testing. She said her company started analyzing tissue samples collected around the US about five years ago by people trying to prove the existence of Bigfoot.

"We have saliva, we have bark scraping, we have blood we have a little bit of everything,” Ketchum said.

She said she was skeptical until the results came in.

"It tells me that they're Human-Hybrid,” she said of the tests. "So they are a type of people but they're different from us."

She said the results from her testing are going through what is called a peer review.

"We have at our disposal Hi-Def footage that will not be released until which time the publication is finished,” she said. "Hi-Def video of some sasquatch it’s quite remarkable. It’s amazing."

Ketchum said her lab work is clean and the samples were also analyzed at other sites. She said she has been testing DNA since 1985.

A group of leading anthropologists from Texas are not ready to accept the claim as fact just yet, saying that procedures often give erroneous results.

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Bigfoot stock

Bigfoot stock

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