Arrest warrant issued in kidnapping, robbery of a Lexington woman

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LEXINGTON, N.C. ---Lexington Police issued an arrest warrant for Jimmy Ray Blackwell Jr., 26, on Friday in the kidnapping and robbery of a Lexington woman.

Blackwell is wanted for first-degree kidnapping, robbery, larceny of a motor vehicle and assault.

suspect3 Jimmy Ray Blackwell

Police say a Lexington woman was kidnapped and forced to drive for miles through town Thursday before she was shoved out onto the street near a gas station.

The suspect then stole her car, took money from her purse and ditched the vehicle in a nearby neighborhood, according to Lt. Robby Rummage with the Lexington Police Department.

The 61-year-old victim was in the parking lot of Biscuit King on South Main Street in Lexington.

She told Police a young man approached her, forced her into her own car and demanded she drive off.

After about three miles, the victim attempted to escape the vehicle and the suspect, shoved the woman out of the car onto West Center Street near the Marathon gas station.

Biscuit King employee Susan Bennett said it was a normal day at work when she took a break at the convenience store next door.

She spotted one of her regular customers in the parking lot.

"She always sits out in this parking lot all the time, sits out there for a little while. Talks on her phone and eat her breakfast," Bennett said of the victim.

Something odd caught Bennett's eye Thursday morning as a man started circling the store.

"We watched a man in a orange hoodie walking around the store. He just walks up to her car. I saw him up at her car, and the next thing we know he got into her passenger side and they took off."

Police interviewed Bennett as a witness, but they have not found the suspect yet.

The victim was able to make it inside the Marathon convenience store where clerk Patricia McNew was working.

"She was shaking, she was just a nervous wreck, I mean her whole body was trembling," said McNew.

"It scared me! I started panicking. I asked her if she wanted to come and sit. She just wanted the phone," she added.

McNew helped the woman call 9-1-1.

Officers later found the stolen car ditched in a nearby neighborhood. The victim's purse was still in the vehicle; money was missing.

"That's the first I've actually seen and witnessed anything like that happen," admitted Bennett. "I'm just so glad she's okay. That's all that matters."

Lt. Rummage told FOX8 forensic officers and investigators followed several promising leads Thursday and are processing physical evidence from the scene.

The suspect is a white male, 25-30 years old, with facial hair.

At the time of the kidnapping he was wearing an orange hoodie and tan pants.

The suspect is approximately 5’6” in height and weighs160-170 lbs.

The suspect could face charges of Kidnapping, Assault and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle.

If you have any information, contact Crime Stoppers at (336) 243-2400 or the Lexington Police Department at (336) 243-3303.