Students and parents say High Point Central needs improvement

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HIGH POINT N.C.-- Bob Christina has only been the principal at High Point Central High School for a little over a year.

"This is a great school to learn and grow. The students and staff here are just phenomenal," Christina said.

But recently what's going on at school is causing some concern.

On top of delayed renovations at the school's gym, students and parents are complaining about classrooms, bathrooms, and the cafeteria.

Brian Hall, whose son is a freshman at the school, says teachers are dealing with lack of space in classrooms and the cafeteria.

There are no toilet seat covers or locks on bathroom stalls.

"We're trying to address all of these issues as they come up. There was talk that some people did not know about these issues," Christina said.

The district approved $22.5 million in October for new construction projects.

This money is left over from projects completed from a 2008 bond referendum Guilford County voters passed.

High Point Central did not receive any of this funding.

School officials say the money was given to schools based on priority.

School Board member Ed Price feels the schools should have been added to the list or at least considered.

"We've got to start thinking about what's best for our schools," Price said.

Price feels one way to fix Central's problem could be using some of the $72 million intended for an Airport area high school.

The district wanted to build the school on annexed property in Kernersville to relieve overcrowding at area high schools.

Kernersville Board of Alderman rejected their request earlier this year.

"From what I'm hearing from the board, I don't think that money is going to be used to build that school," Price said.

There still has been no decision on what to do with that money. 

Parents like Brian Hall plan to meet with school officials to try to get these issues resolved.