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Child care cuts take effect this weekend in Randolph County

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LEVEL CROSS, N.C. -- After two months of trying to avoid major cuts to subsidized child care in Randolph County, the Department of Social Services will make those cuts after tomorrow.

The department will stop giving vouchers to 535 kids for after school child care.

It's the result of the program having spent at a rate of 139% of its budget through the early months of this fiscal year, which began in July.

Child care providers offered tuition cuts and scholarships to help DSS save some money and cut fewer kids, but according to Melissa Brown at My Circle of Friends Daycare in Archdale, those offers were not included in the DSS plan to take subsidies from certain kids.

Patricia Linin, a single mother who works ten-hour days at Energizer in Asheboro, is one parent who will lose the subsidy for her ten and twelve-year-old children.

"What I'm going to do, I don't have a clue," Linin said.

Linin said her options are to hire a babysitter, which would cost more than daycare does or let the kids stay at home by themselves after school as well as all day during Christmas break.

"A ten and a twelve year old are probably old enough to stay home by themselves. They're NOT old enough to stay home by themselves for ten hours," Linin said.

Randolph County made the cuts because the amount of funding from the state for this program is a set figure, and overspending is not an option.

Any money not spent at the end of the fiscal year goes back to the state.

The County has sent about $2 million combined back to the state in recent years.