North Carolina A&T band members robbed while away at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Greensboro, NC--A trip to New York City for Chloe Bowden and members of the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Band was once in a lifetime.

"All the bright lights and stuff. It was wonderful," Bowden said.

However when she returned home things weren't so pleasant.

Thieves broke in her apartment at College Square on Homeland Avenue Sunday Night.

The complex is in off-campus student housing that Bowden shares with three of her band mates.

"The first thing I noticed was my front door. It was open," Bowden said.

She says the burglars took three flat screen tv's, electronic games and a laptop.

The laptop belonged to Bowden and had all of her schoolwork on it.

"Right now I don't know if I'll have the money to replace any of it or get my schoolwork back," Bowden said.

Greensboro Police say student housing burglaries always increase during the holiday season.

Criminals think the students are home for the holidays, making their belongings become hot commodities.

Four burglaries have been reported in the same block as Bowden's apartment during November alone.

Officer Doug Campbell patrols the A&T area and places door hangers on apartments that notify students how not to become a victim.

"It's hard when you see their faces and they have to tell their parents it's all gone," Campbell said.

The college has surveillance cameras, however, the apartment manager told us they were not working at the time.

Management is in the process of fixing the issue now.