What NOT to buy on Black Friday

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While many people will head out for Black Friday shopping on Thursday night, the annual deal hunt can sometimes mislead customers when it comes to finding a deal. Here’s a few items to avoid on Black Friday, according to Yahoo Finance.

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High-End TVs
While TVs are a hot Black Friday item, it’s usually lower-end TVs that are discounted. You will be able to find 32″ LCD TVs for $159 on Friday. However, if you want a high-end TV, you’re better to watch until just before the Super Bowl. Doorbusters are the only exception to this rule. The bottom line: make sure you’re buying a TV that will last you for several years.
While it may be tempting to get your holiday shopping done on Friday, you can often find great deals on toys by waiting until the two weeks leading up to Christmas. If it’s not a “hot item,” then try waiting to score a deal from Amazon or another retailer.
Winter Clothes

According to Yahoo, Decide.com tracked prices on a popular style of Ugg boots at the suggested cost of $160. They found the boots sold for as little as $85 in September and October but soared about 59% around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Ask About Price Matching
If you do brave the crowds this Friday morning, just keep in mind that major brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy and Target are willing to match the prices of some online competitors like Amazon and WalMart.com.