Injured soldier home for Thanksgiving

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WILKES COUNTY, N.C.- Chance Cleary has so many reasons to be thankful. 

He's thankful he's home for Thanksgiving and he's thankful he's alive.

"To know what I've been through and I'm still alive from it and come home and see everyone it's something else." explains Chance Cleary, an injured soldier.

Six months into Cleary's first deployment in Afghanistan his mission was cut shot. 

He was driving a Humvee that was in the path of an IED. 

He was severely injured.

Unfortunately, his passenger died.

The two other soldiers in the back survived.

"To come home is really nice but I didn't come home the way I wanted to," he explains

Cleary had several surgeries in Germany and at Walter Reed Hospital. 

He broke both legs, both ankles, his back in five spots, his collar bone, a wrist, his shoulder blade, crushed his right heel, his jaw in three spots, and two collapsed lungs.

In his honor, Cleary's neighbors in Wilkes County tied yellow ribbons to show their support.

"It's just really overwhelming. I like it but it’s like golly I didn't know everybody appreciated me that much." he says.

Cleary is still working to get better.

"I'm not completely healed.  I'm not back to where I was.  I'll never be back to where I was." says Cleary. 

His injuries won't stand in the way of his strength to go back. 

"Oh ya, I'm staying in the army, if at all possible.  If I'm getting to, I'm staying in."