Police: 8 Hondas stolen from Greensboro apartment complexes

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro Police are investigating a string of car thefts involving Hondas in the North Church Street area of the city.

Police said there have been eight different reports of Hondas stolen in and around apartment complexes off Church Street, Wind Road, Park Avenue, and Berryman Street since Oct. 29.

Steven McNeill is one of the eight people who reported their Hondas stolen.

"Wednesday morning, I just woke up around 8 or 8:30 in the morning. And... my car was gone,” he said.

McNeill said he was confused at first, thinking his wife had perhaps moved the car. But he said they soon realized it had been stolen.

Of the eight reports, seven of the stolen vehicles were Honda Accords and one was a Honda Civic.

Police said they recovered four of the vehicles so far. They said they found two in Durham and two in Greensboro. They said the stereo systems had been ripped out in all four cases.

However, Lt. Mike Brodie Police said none of the windows or steering wheels were broken on the recovered cars. They said they aren't sure how the cars are being broken into and stolen.

Hondas are one of the most commonly stolen cars in the United States every year, said Lt. Brodie. He says that's because some mid-1990's models are easy to break into and easy to steal.

"I just hope they catch whoever is doing this and find my car all in one piece," said McNeill.

Police advise car owners to invest in a steering wheel lock that costs about $20 and may deter thieves.

They also say to use common sense: park in well-lit areas, cover or remove anything expensive from your car and always lock the vehicle when it's unattended.