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Linda Coleman wants more ballots counted in race

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Linda Coleman

RALEIGH, N.C. — Lieutenant governor candidate Linda Coleman says potentially thousands of legally registered voters in North Carolina are poised to not have their ballots counted, but her opponent says she’s making the accusation because she is behind.

Coleman’s campaign released Wednesday names of more than 500 registered voters in 60-plus counties it says cast provisional ballots. Coleman says the voters’ names weren’t on local voter rolls but their votes should still count.

Coleman trails Republican Dan Forest by 10,300 votes as outstanding ballots from the election are being counted this week. The margin must reach 10,000 votes for Coleman to obtain a mandatory recount.

State elections director Gary Bartlett says there are often other reasons why provisional ballots aren’t counted.

Forest spokesman Hal Weatherman say only “legal votes” should be counted.

Credit: The Associated Press.