‘Gold Star Teacher’ proud of Gov.- elect Pat McCrory

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JAMESTOWN, N.C.-- Pat McCrory's former teacher awarded the Governor-elect with two gold stars on Wednesday night to reminder him of promise he made while campaigning across North Carolina.

Ruth Revels, McCrory's former drama teacher, is known as the gold star teacher. She says she was excited when McCrory asked her to be part of the campaign ad filmed in Salisbury.

During the ad, the 76-year-old promised the Governor-elect a gold star if he is able to get kids to read by the fourth grade, after becoming governor.

"To me he still looks young and boyish, he's got that smile and has to be everywhere. That's what I think of Pat," explained Revels, who taught McCrory at Ragsdale High School in Jamestown.

Martha Wolfe is the town clerk in Jamestown and went to Ragsdale High School and remembers seeing McCrory in the halls after she lost the race for student body president.   

"He said, 'that was a good campaign good job' and then I thought that was nice and considerate. Hhe didn't even have to do that," said Wolfe.

Mrs. Revels was in Charlotte on election night and brought McCrory two gold star balloons for winning, but reminded the him of his promise and her reward. 

"When you accomplish all students read fluently by the fourth grade, I'll get you a bigger one," said Mrs. Revels.