Election Board looking into Winston-Salem voter issue

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- The Forsyth County Board of Elections is looking into why a Winston-Salem woman was told she had voted absentee when she said she did not.

The issue came up on election day at Precinct 404, the East Winston Heritage Center at E. 7th St and Cleveland Ave.

Annie Davis, 77, went to vote, but the voter roll said she'd already voted, either by mail or early.

"I don't do early voting," Davis said.

The man working the precinct Tuesday was Republican Election Judge Jeff Polston. He's worked precincts for years and said he recognized Ms. Davis.

"I believed her, so we needed to find a situation where we can resolve that," Polston said.

The only way for Davis to vote was to fill out a provisional ballot.

She did so, and now the board of elections will have to determine if a clerical error occurred or if someone actually tried to vote as Annie Davis.

Polston said that's the issue with voter verification.

"That's one of the difficulties in our voting system right now is that we believe people when they say something that it's the truth," Polston said.