Jobs, businesses grow in High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The City of High Point has issued more new business licenses so far this year than last year during the same time period.

From January to October of 2011, the city issued 472 licenses. This year the number is at 536.

The number of new business licenses is not a sole indicator of business growth in a city, but it does give one look at how many new companies and individuals are doing business in High Point.

Meanwhile, businesses who have been in High Point for years -- continue to grow.

Graphic Visual Solutions, a graphics design and printing company in High Point, announced Friday they will be merging with Winston-Salem's Hutchinson Allgood Company.

"We've been very, very fortunate. We've seen double-digit growth the last three years," explained Vice President of Sales, Wayne Welch.

In a press release, Grapic Visual Solutions President and CEO said, “Graphic has been blessed with significant growth during our 27-year history. We are extremely excited and honored to join forces with one of the most respected names in the printing industry. Hutchison Allgood has been an industry leader for over 81 years."

The combined companies are not planning to cut jobs, and could be adding fifty new ones. "It's a boom and boost for our local economy overall," added Welch.

Graphic Visual Solutions is also investing $5 million in building expansions and new equipment.

They chose to locate everyone to the High Point location because it's larger and has an established customer base. "We buy paper, we buy chemicals, we buy a lot of materials in the local markets. We also bring in outside customers from outside the state."

Meanwhile, newer businesses say they are also doing well in High Point.

Kostas Bakoulas' opened his new restaurant, Kozzy's Grille, off East Lexington Avenue in High Point. " I was born and raised in High Point, I love the city, the people here, too. We have a great community."

Bakoulas said the increasing number of new business licenses is definitely a good step toward growth. "That means that everyone's confident and that things will grow so that's definitely a good sign to me."