Politics: Neighbor vs. neighbor, husband vs. wife

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Anywhere you drive around town political posters can be seen everywhere. Splitting neighbors not only by their property lines, but ideologically as well.

Lisa Terio, who lives on Hobbs Street, has placed signs for her candidate strategically. 

"So that's my Obama sign on my property line, so people think 'that house' is voting for him also," said Terio.

The election has not only pinned neighbor against neighbor, but in at least one case -- husband against wife.   

Rudy Rivera says he’s voting for Romney and his wife, Adriana says she is voting for Obama.

The couple has been together for 18 years, but this year in particular, politics somehow seems to get brought up every day. 

"She has her opinions and right or wrong, they are her opinions… I love her for it," said Rudy.

The couple admits there have been a few heated disagreements in their household. 

"That's when you said ‘that's from your radio stations you listen to’,” said Rudy to his wife, “and then I basically make the comment, ‘its opposite from the TV stations you watch’.”

Adriana interjected in agreement and said jokingly, “yeah, it sorta de-escalated from there.”

The couple has four kids and even though they aren’t able to vote yet, they seemingly agree with their mother. 

"They all participated in children's elections and yes, they all voted for Obama," said Adriana.

The couple has agreed to disagree, but there's a few things they do agree on . This election is important and seeing all the signs along the streets is proof that people care.