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Campaigning at the polls in Guilford Co.

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As early voting comes to an end on Saturday, volunteers campaigning for candidates are setting up shop outside area polling sites handing out advice on which candidates registered voters should cast their ballots for.

"It was kind of like getting hit with a bunch of propaganda right before I go in," said Tyler Kastle, a Guilford County voter.

The persons handing out campaign information was at least six people deep at the Bur-Mill voting site in Greensboro. Most of the literature and advice being handed out wasn't  for the United State's high office but for local judicial candidates.

"They didn't bother me to bad. They just handed me something on the way in," explained Kensey Green, a Guilford County voter. 

Campaign volunteers are required to stay at least 25-50 feet away from the doors of the polling site. The  difference in distance depends on the site. Most of the locations have a 50-foot requirement.  

"Things have run very smoothly. We've had a few incidents of people getting a little loud or a little out of hand at some of the early voting sites. We try to address those and convince people to behave themselves," explained George Gilbert, with Guilford County's Board of Elections.

When asked if the last-minute sales pitch could change his decision of whom he'll cast his ballot for, Green says “no”.

"I've done my research and pretty much know who I’m voting for," said Green.

If you do feel intimidated or harassed when going to vote call the Board of Elections.  If it's a bigger issue they will get law enforcement involved.