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Less than a week to Election Day

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- With less than a week to go to the election crowds continue to be seen at early voting spots throughout the Triad.

"I came by yesterday to vote and the line was too long so I came back today," said Joyce Fox outside the Southside Library in Winston-Salem. "Our country is facing a lot of big problems and I think it's important to weigh in them."

Most arriving Tuesday night said they made up their mind weeks ago.  But some wonder if anything could still sway voter’s minds in these final days.

"They always talk about an October surprise, maybe [Hurricane Sandy] was an October surprise," said Wake Forest University Professor of Communication Allan Louden who noted both Obama and Romney have pulled back their campaigns due to the storm.

"The rhetoric from both has been along the lines that it's more important to save lives and make sure people are safe then our campaign," said Louden.

Louden believes if power is still out in state's hit by the storm on election day, people will still get to the polls. 

"They are going to have cabin fever.  They are going to want to get out and vote."

Some states, hit by the storm, have tossed around the idea of pushing back Election Day. Congress can change election date, which hasn’t changed since 1872, but experts believe it is highly unlikely. 

Election officials in states hit by the storm say they are currently looking to extend voting hours for next Tuesday.