Woman says leaky toilet the reason for $944 utility bill

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- While Teressa Turner's husband serves our country overseas, the mother of four says she has to fight her own battle at home against her landlord.

"I about hit the floor, my first thing was panic," says Teressa Turner when she received a $944 utility bill. The high bill was due to excessive water use from a running toilet.

Turner says right after she moved in she reported the problem to her landlord, Kenneth "Jack" and Joyce Howard of Laura Lane in High Point.

Turner says the toilet was finally fixed 38 days later after the city flagged the property for excessive water use.

"When you sign the lease and it said timely repairs will be met and you're calling someone for over 30 days to fix something that you know is going to damage your pocket, you need to call somebody else," said Turner.

Turner called the City of High Point who provides power and water to residents. City leaders said they can adjust the high bill but the landlord will need to fill out paperwork proving repairs were made.

"He won't do it," said Turner. "He won't do it."

Jack and Joyce Howard did not return our call for comment and no one came to the door of their home on Laura Lane.

Turner says despite the unnecessary struggles this is placing on her and her family she still has faith in people.

"It hasn't changed or deterred me that there are some good people in this world and its a few bad ones. But you just pray for them,” said Turner.

A city official says the Turner's utilities won't be turned off. City officials are trying to work with both sides, but that will require the landlords to come to the table.