Students at Texas school forced to wear RFID tracking badges


San Antonio, Texas — A Texas high school has launched a program that requires students to wear microchip-embedded school IDs around their necks at all times.

John Jay High School started a program called the “Student Locator Project,” an effort to track and monitor every kid’s location throughout the school day.

According to several reports, students that are refusing to wear the RFID badges are not being allowed to vote for Homecoming court.

RFID chip-enabled IDs are not a radically new phenomenon. Several other schools in Texas are using similar technology to track students. While some parents feel tracking students is an invasion of privacy, many said they like the technology because it lets them know their child is safe.

The program started on October 1.

The district says it’s necessary to improve safety, reduce truancy and track the number of students who attend the schools.

What do you think about RFID tagging students? Is the “invasion of privacy” worth the benefits of making sure students are safe?

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