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Tanglewood Park renovations outlined

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CLEMMONS, N.C.-- Forsyth County Commissioners have approved a long-term strategic renovation and repair plan for the county's largest and most popular park.

The Tanglewood Park Strategic Plan outlines everything that park officials think needs updating, renovating or rebuilding in the more than 60-year-old park.

Forsyth County Parks and Recreation Director Mike Anderson says while the county has spent more than $3 million on renovations and repairs in the past two years there is still much to be done in the 1200 acre park.

"Most of the facilities were built in the 1950's and used as recreational facilities throughout the course of time and it's become a time now where we need to start looking at renovating and replacing," said Anderson.

The plan outlines major projects like the need for new bathrooms at the Walnut Hall Meeting Center, new shelters throughout the park, a new club house on the par 3 golf course and a new boathouse at Mallard Lake.

The plan also calls for renovations at the main clubhouse and the Manor House.

Anderson also says there are infrastructure needs.

"We have a number of miles of roads in here when to re-pave. It's not just the buildings its other amenities at the park also," said Anderson.

Once the historic home of William and Kate Reynolds, Tanglewood sees nearly half a million visitors every year.  It was first opened as a public park in 1951. There are more than 60 buildings on park property and more than 10 miles of roadway.

While the plan does not give a timeline or identify costs and funding, commissioners say they will use it in the coming years. It will guide the board as it decides what parts of the park to improve when money becomes available.