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Student with disability crowned Homecoming Queen

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DOBSON, N.C. -- Katie Bledsoe, a disabled senior at Surry Central High School, was honored Friday night by being crowned Homecoming Queen.

"This has just made her senior year," said Sharon Bledsoe, Katie's mother. "She has brought so many blessings, not only to us but, to everyone she touches. She loves people."

Katie suffered a brain injury in a car accident when she was 3-years old. She depends on others and her wheel chair, but friends say she gives joy to others with her smile and constant love toward others.

"It's just amazing to see the outpouring of love," Sharon Bledsoe said.

The community is showing their love toward Katie by raising money to build her and her family a new home.

"Not just a home, but a functional home.  We got to make this about Katie... its got to be easy for her," said Josh Comer, who has been working for two years on "Operation Katie" with friends from his Bible study group.

"We got to talking about those God-size projects and stuff that is bigger than we are and stuff that can bring this community together," Comer said.

Katie and her parents never asked for help, but friends knew Katie had trouble getting around her small home. The doorways are so small they prevent Katie's wheelchair from even entering the home.

Since Easter of 2010, the group has raised around $50,000 with a goal of $125,000.  Thousands of dollars worth of building material and labor has also been donated.

"It's rather overwhelming. Everybody is so good hearted and giving of their time and money to help us have a home that is handicap accessible for her," Sharon Bledsoe said.

To learn more about Operation Katie, visit or the group's Facebook page.