Mass. man rescues $114K from dump, returns to owner

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Courtesy: Youtube

Courtesy: Youtube

Saugus, Mass. — If you found $114,000 tucked away in a piece of discarded furniture would you keep it, or find its rightful owner?

According to the Boston Globe, Leo Guarente and his crew of junk collectors were hired to clean out a home and haul away the ‘trash’. Amongst the items destined for the local dump was a padlocked hope chest.

Curious of what could be inside, Guarente and his crew smashed the chest open with a sledge-hammer and found nearly $114,000 in savings bonds inside.

Guarente told the Globe in a telephone interview, that because the bonds were unsigned they could have been cashed by anyone.

“I could’ve used that $140,000 just like anyone else,” said Guarente. “I haven’t been on vacation in 10 years. But I did not think for one minute that I was going to keep that money.”

Since returning the savings bonds, Guarente has received international acclaim. The junk-man has been offered free meals from a Texas restaurant owner to a free corned beef and hash dinner from Ireland, reported the paper.

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