Foster homes needed for abused, abandoned horses

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FORSYTH COUNTY, NC -- An equine rescue service says the recession is causing more problems than usual for abused and abandoned horses.

The Horse Education and Rescue Organization (HERO) says it's seen an increase in the number of people that can't take care of their horses and have to give them up. Meanwhile, the group is seeing a simultaneous decrease in the number of people able to care for those abandoned or abused horses temporarily as foster parents.

"We've had to call other rescue groups and say 'do you have a spare stall'," said HERO President Lesley Hunt.

Hunt says caring for horses can be expensive, but it that's not always true.

"It really depends on the horse and what you want to do with it," Hunt said.

If interested, Hunt asks that you contact HERO at 336-816-1817 or go online to