Health Officials: 2nd Meningitis case confirmed in NC

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The state’s health department announced that a second case of fungal meningitis could have been contracted at one of two medical centers in the state, one being located in High Point.

In a statement released by the Health Department's spokesperson Julie Henry, High Point Regional System Surgery Center and the Surgical Center of Wilson could be where a second person may have contracted fungal meningitis caused by a recalled serum.

"We are saddened to learn that another North Carolina patient has been sickened in this outbreak,” said State Health Director Dr. Laura Gerald. “We also want to remind the public that the type of meningitis in this outbreak is not contagious and cannot be transmitted from person to person."

High Point Regional Senior Vice President Dr. Greg Taylor said 70 people have been notified that they could be potentially exposed to the rare fungal meningitis. All patients notified received a spinal steroid injection between July 1st and September 30th.

Taylor would not confirm if one of the 70 possibly exposed has contracted meningitis or has exhibited symptoms.

The Centers for Disease Control is investigating how the medicine from New England Compounding in Massachusetts became contaminated.

The CDC has reported 47 cases of meningitis in seven states, including five deaths. The second North Carolina case has not been added to the national report.