Family: “Justice is in sight” after arrest in 16-year-old cold case

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JONESVILLE, N.C. — Investigators say "physical evidence" led to the arrest of a Florida man in connection with the killing of Jonesville police Sgt. Gregory Martin.  

Martin was shot and killed during a traffic stop on I-77 in the early hours of Oct. 5, 1996. 

Around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday, authorities arrested Scott Vincent Sica, 36, at his home in Cape Coral, Fla.  The suspect is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting, Jonesville Police Chief Roger Reece said Thursday during a news conference.

Officials shared little other information about what lead to Sica's arrest.

Investigators refused to comment on the $130,000 reward previously offered for information in the case in fear that it could jeopardize the outcome.

"Justice is in sight," Melissa Blakely, Martin's sister, said during the conference.  

Investigators with the FBI and SBI are currently processing more evidence.  A source close to the investigation says that includes a DNA test. 

Members of Martin's family say they were told Wednesday night by investigators that they were positive they have the right man in custody.  

"Last night was the first night in so many years that I actually slept and was peaceful with my sleep," said Martin's daughter, Brittany, who was 6-years-old when her father died. "This guy took more away from me more than anybody would ever realize.  My dad is never going to see me get married, my dad is not going to see me have my first baby, he's not going to be here for all my firsts."

Brittany says she does not want justice to include the death penalty. 

"I'd rather him be suffering and miserable like I have to, because I have to go through the rest of my life not having a daddy," Brittany said.

Sica remains in the Lee County Detention Center in Fla.  Officials hope to extradite him back to North Carolina.