Whitsett provides first public water service

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WHITSETT, NC -- The town of Whitsett in eastern Guilford County issued its first ever monthly water bills Wednesday.

Before August, most of the town used well-water. After a contamination scare due to a leaking underground gasoline tank, the town decided it needed to look at getting the public a community water system.

It took seven years, a 24-inch pipeline, and a $750,000 community block grant, but 35 homes in Whitsett now have public water.

Town administrator Gary Deal says it was a tough battle, and not everyone in town will be thrilled by a new monthly bill. However, he believes the hard work it took to get a public water system was worth it.

"There's been many a day I said 'why in the world did we ever get involved in this?'  said Deal.

Then some of the people he's talked to since, have told him, 'I'm tickled to death. I've got running water in my house. I can wash clothes without worrying about getting stuff in my clothes.' So that makes it worthwhile," said Deal.

Whitsett plans to hook up the rest of the town as soon as it can get the money to expand the public water system.