Winston-Salem family still cleaning up after flood damage

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A family is working to put their life back together after clogged storm drains at a nearby plant caused thousands of dollars in flood damage to their home.

The Bogert’s home on Dalton Street, next to the R.J. Reynolds Whitaker Park plant, sustained nearly $20,000 worth of damage, after two of the plant's storm drains became clogged during storms on Aug. 28.

Previously, Stephen Bogert says he contacted Reynolds and city officials concerned about the occasional flooding that would occur around the storm drains, but nothing was done.

"I was watching the water creep up and creep up, and as soon as it started to come in, that's when we evacuated," said Bogert.

The 1-inch of rain water damaged walls, floors, and furniture making the home uninhabitable.

Despite having home-owners insurance, necessary repairs will have to be paid out-of-pocket because his policy doesn't cover "standing water."

Bogert says he, his wife and two young children have been living with family members to save money for repairs.

When asked about the flooding, a spokesman for R.J. Reynolds said they couldn't comment on the situation concerned they may be taken to court.

Bogert says he can't afford an attorney since every dime he makes will go towards making repairs to his home.