Dozens of Guilford County Schools in need of repair

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HIGH POINT, N.C.-- Nearly 80 schools are in need of repairs in according to a new report released by Guilford County Schools.

On Monday, school officials released what they're calling its Capital Project Plan to the public. The plan details what's needed at the schools. 

Most of the schools are in High Point and the repairs range from a new roof at Parkview Elementary, to upgrades to heating and cooling needs at Oak Hill Elementary.

School officials say $26 million, of left over money from past construction projects could be used, but it wouldn't cover the 80 schools.

School board member Ed Price suggest using the $75 million in bond money voters passed that was suppose to go towards the new airport area high school to cover the cost.

Kernersville board of Alderman decided earlier this year not to let the school district to rezone some property of Bunker Hill Road for school purposes.

Price say the district doesn't need the school now because the growth in the area isn't what the district projected.

"Why would build another school, when we can't take care of the ones we have," said Price.

The district has not made a decision whether they would use the bond money set aside for the airport area high school. However it is legal for school district's to use bond money for repairs.