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Proposed regional landfill in Randolph Co. upsets homeowners

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C.-- Concerned homeowners got their first chance to hear details about a proposed regional landfill in Randolph County on Monday night. 

The proposed site is off Henley Country Road, where the old landfill used to be. Currently, the county is paying $50 to ship each ton of trash to Troy and that's getting expensive.  

Some county leaders see the regional landfill as an investment. 

"So instead of costing our citizens money we could actually be making money," explained Richard Wells, Randolph County's Manager.  

The landfill would generate about $2 million each year, but some homeowners say the payoff isn't worth it. 

"Why can't each county just take care of their own garbage, Randolph county does not want all these other counties' garbage," said Libby Green who lives on Henley Country Road.

Homeowners are worried about their property values and traffic. 

County leaders estimate there could be as many to 75 to 100 trucks each day in their neighborhood. 

Barbara Smith has lived on Henley Country Road all her life and she doesn't want her street to be the spot for everyone's trash. 

"We don't want that here.  No, take it somewhere else. Let everybody else worry about their own," said Smith.

The county has worked on this plan for the past two years and they have looked at more than ten sites. 

Randolph County has already heard from at least five counties interested in using the landfill if it's approved. 

"So we have good roads, good central location, and 20-30 miles within a large amount of population," said Wells.

The earliest the landfill could get approved would be early next year.  If it does get the go ahead, it would take at least three years to build the landfill.