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Customers buy into Rockingham Co. chicken co-op

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- A Madison farmer is selling shares of his chicken stock not only providing buyer with fresh eggs but an opportunity to experience farm life.

Garland McCollum with Massey Creek Farms says people buy local because they want to know where and how their food is grown. That's why the farm is giving customers a chance to take part in growing their own food as a part of  Massey Creek Farm's chicken co-op. 

For $180 customers can buy a share of one of the 300 pasture laying chickens. The share entitles owners to a dozen of eggs, each week for a year.

Along with fresh eggs, shareholders will be responsible for helping out on the farm as well, including feeding, gathering and moving chickens from one pasture to another. 

McCollum says the advantage to the co-op is that customers take part in raising chickens and knowing where their food comes from.

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