Local reaction to Middle East violence

HIGH POINT, NC -- As violence continues from Morocco to Yemen, a professor at High Point University says the anti-Islamic film blamed for Muslim anger is a rallying point for anti-American sentiment already in place.

History Professor Larry Simpson said the more likely flash point is the anniversary of September 11th.

"Frankly [the film is] low-budget. It's a disgrace even the point of view of a movie maker," Dr. Simpson said. "It feeds into anti-Americanism which is rife throughout the whole Middle East."

It's also Dr. Simpson's opinion that the violent attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya is not representative of the majority of Libyans.

"In Libya it doesn't necessarily reflect what's the direction of what's going on in that country, because the Islamists in that country didn't do well in the elections," Simpson said.

Speaking of elections, Dr. Simpson said the events in the Middle East may effect the American presidential race.

"Both parties were trying to focus on other issues, and as is the case with the Middle East, they kind of have a way of sneaking up on you from behind."

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