Most Piedmont counties see an increase in registered voters

PIEDMONT, N.C. -- Officials said the majority of counties throughout the Piedmont are seeing an increase in registered voters, except for Guilford County. 

So far, Guilford County has 8,000 less registered voters than the last presidential election. 

Sharon Spray works in the Political Science Department at Elon University. She said she isn't sure why Guilford County is seeing a decrease, but the uptick in the others doesn't surprise her.

Spray said candidates aren't working to change minds but working to encourage people to actually vote.

"The number of undecided voters is so small that it may be changing how campaigns are run in the state," Spray said.

She said one change may be more of those negative ads. 

"We know  that negative  campaigning will actually help increase voter turnout," Spray said. 

Officials said the true campaign season is just getting started with less than 60 days until Election Day.

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